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All the orders are shipped from Japan by EMS (Japan Post Service) – a top speed international mail service for sending up to 30 kg of documents and other goods simply and conveniently to over 120 countries and territories worldwide – EMS service includes insurance for your products and a tracking system.

Legend of Japanese Knife Craftsman


Japanese kitchen knives are known as high quality, and also skillful technique behind that is well recognized. All of  craft man wish that you would pick up the Japanese knife brand products which maintain the traditional skills of  Japanese knives and demonstrate the skills of world-class masters.

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Japan sensation knives store

The Japan sensation has been working hard since 2015 to give you the best knife service on the internet. We began free shipping worldwide for all of knives. Our base of operations is in Setagaya, Tokyo, where we currently offer over 300 selections of premium Japanese knives and cutlery. Also we offer the finest custom order knives and a free sharpening that can be accessed through the web!


You can design your knife with premium handle materials and blade and bolster. Available knife types for Yanagiba-knives, Deba-knives, Usuba-knives, Takohiki-knives,Gyuto-knives, Santoku-knives. Available for blade material White steel #1, #2, Blue steel #1, #2.

Why buy Japanese knife from Japan sensation

We provide free shipping worldwide. All with parcel tracking and full insurance coverage. Also we have special personal relationships with Japanese traditional cutlery, and of traditional knife companies, which allows us to offer you an authentic Japanese knives that often are very hard to find outside of Japan.


Masamoto-Sohonten knives have a history of producing quality cutlery for over 160 years. If you are a professional Sushi chef, odds are you own a Masamoto-Sohonten knives. For over 160 years Masamoto has been the No.1  kitchen knives manufacturer in Japan.

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