Masamoto sohonten knives

Masamoto-sohonten knives have a history of producing quality cutlery for over 160 years and is the leading sushi chef knife maker name in Japan. If you are a professional Sushi Chef, odds are you own a Masamoto-sohonten knife. For over 160 years Masamoto has been the #1 kitchen knives manufacturer in Japan.

A Message from Masamoto Sohonten’s President:


Thank you for your kind support for us, “Masamoto”. The history of “Registered Masamoto” was started by our founder, Tomonosuke.

1862      In order to obtain a mastery of a craft in smithery (Hon-yaki Kaji), Tomonosuke went to Osaka

1866      He came back to Tokyo and began creating kitchen knives in Saitama prefecture.

1874      He became the first seller of Hon-yaki kitchen knives in Kanto district.

1890      The flagship store “Masamoto” was opened in Sumida, Tokyo.

Nowadays, although many people prefer precooked foods, our desire to eat delicious dishes is unvarying as long as people exist.Delicious dishes are created by excellent chefs, with their skills and imagination.Excellent chefs choose excellent cookware.We offer excellent cooking knives of “Registered Masamoto”, which hace been developed for a long period of time. We hope “Masamoto” be your best knife.


Masamoto VI Generation Owner.