Goh-Umanosuke-Yoshihiro 1141 Guaranteed Chef’s Knife (Petty-knife)


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Style: Petty-knife
HRc: 57-58
Bevel: Double-edged
Steel Type: AUS-8A Molybdenum stain resistant steel
Saya cover: Magnolia wood
Handle: Composite wood

Product Description

1141 stainless steel knives are forged in the same traditional Japanese style. Hand crafted from a single piece of AUS-8A Molybdenum stain resistant steel, with a hardness on the Rockwell scale of 57 to 58 and the added elements of vanadium, chromium and molybdenum. This creates some of the highest grade stainless steel knives on the market today. They are as equally sturdy as they are thin. Complimented with premium Western style composite wood handles, offering both professional quality, and great value. The 1141 series comes equipped with your choice of handles, such as stainless steel, or wood. Whatever your needs, we have the blade for you.


The petty is a smaller chef knife that makes it a convenient size for peeling and other delicate work.



Petty Blade Length

120mm, 120mm with saya-cover add $11, 150mm, 150mm with saya-cover add $15


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