Sakai-Takayuki INOX Molybdenum steel / Lacquered Japanese Knife Series “Akebono”(Yanagi-knife)


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Style: Yanagi-knife
Bevel: Single-edged
Steel Type: INOX Molybdenum steel
Saya cover: included
Saya cover Material: Covered with Lacquered
Handle Material: Lacquered

Product Description
This is a standard knife using a special steel containing chromium and molybdenum, which is resistant to rusting and stays sharp.
The coating used for the handle and saya cover, exemplifies. This coating has inundation tolerance, so the life cycle is long-lasting.
We recommend this as a gift for the precious person in your life.

The Yanagi is a long slicing knife that was designed to slice thin slices of fish for sushi and sashimi. The length and shape of the blade allows it to slice through an ingredient in long uninterrupted strokes, preserving the ingredient’s freshness and integrity.

Yanagi Blade Length

240mm, 270mm


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