Tojiro DP Cobalt Alloy Steel chef knife Series (Petty-knife)


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Style: Petty-knife
Bevel: Double-edged
Steel Type: DP Cobalt Alloy Steel
Saya cover: Magnolia wood
Handle Material: Composite wood

Product Description
Typical series of Tojiro. Tojiro DP Cobalt Alloy Steel chef knife series has been loved because of its high-quality standard. The edge is made by skilled craftsmen, which provide you with an amazing sharpness. Once you use this exceptional knife, you will never part with it. We promise that the broad product range will support a variety of cooking styles. The Tojiro Pro series comes equipped with your choice of handles, such as stainless steel, or wood. Whatever your needs, we have the blade for you.
Petty knives are small utility knives of Japanese design.
The petty is makes it a convenient size for peeling and other delicate work.

Petty Blade Length

120mm, 120mm with saya-cover add $16, 150mm, 150mm with saya-cover $18


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