Tojiro-Pro All Stainless Western Style Chef Knives Series (Nakiri-Vegetable-knife)


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Style: Nakiri (Vegetable) knife
Bevel: Double Edged
Steel Type: DP Cobalt Alloy Steel
Handle : Stainless Steel

Product Description
DP cobalt alloy steel is an epoch-making clad steel manufactured by low temperature gas reduction method, which takes away impurities in the ore and lead to high purity iron.The cobalt alloy steel is sandwiched by 13 chrome.

This series is absolutely “Global Standard” of all stainless knives combining 3 layers blade, which has good reputation among professionals with stainless handle.

This knives are among the best in the market and certainly meets the global standard.All of the knives combine a 3 layered blade with a stainless steel handle and have a good reputation among professionals.

The Tojiro Pro series comes equipped with your choice of handles, such as stainless steel, or wood. Whatever your needs, we have the blade for you.

Nakiri-knife is the traditional vegetable knife for the professional chef.
It’s best for chopping vegetable Japanese professional knives.

Usuba Blade Length



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