Sakai-takayuki Japanese style knives

Sakai-Takayuki Kasumi White Steel Knives Series

The Sakai-Takayuki Kasumi Knives are made of a combination of white carbon steel and soft iron steel. All products are handcrafted. White carbon steel enables the sharpest cutting edge for all users. Compared to Hon-gasumi knives, Kasumi knives are more affordable. Kasumi knives are ideal for beginners of Japanese traditional knives.

Sakai-Takayuki INOX Lacquered Japanese Knife ``Shikisai`` Series

This is a standard knife using a special steel containing chromium and molybdenum, which is resistant to rusting and stays sharp. The coating used for handle and saya-cover ware exemplifies the beauty of Japan. We recommend as gift for your precious person.