TOJIRO western style knives

A Message from Tojiro

Japanese cooking knife could be called as “The crystal of Japanese traditional technology” because it has been evolving with progress of Japanese cooking culture. And it is passed down from craftsman to craftsman through very long period. There are some areas to make cutting tools in Japan even now and Tsubame-Sanjyo area in Niigata prefecture is one of them, where Tojiro factory is located.
Japan has own technical cultures to be proud to whole world like ceramic ware, Japanese sword and etc. This Japanese own culture was born with big influence of long feudal society as governance by sovereign. Especially in Edo period, every Daimyo had to stay in their own land and stay in Edo alternately called as “Sankin Koutai” had big part for this matter because they presented their own products and technology to “Shogun” and bring back the appraisal and other information. The thought as “Superior present than other countries to make benefit to own land” and “Make superior goods and present to Shogun” connected to level up of technology and sublimed technology to the culture.
We are working to keep thought of “Present” which was cultivated by history to delivery the best goods to our consumers. And now, we thank to have a chance presenting out technical crystal to sharpen sense consumers.

Tojiro DP Cobalt Alloy Steel chef knife Series

Tojiro DP Cobalt Alloy Steel chef knife series has been loved as standard articles for a long time. The edge made by skilled craftsmen provides you an amazing sharpness. Once you have, you will never part with it. We promise that the broad product range will support your cooking. Stainless handle, Tojiro-Pro and another series that has different type of handles and structure with DP blades are also available.

Tojiro-Pro DP Damascus Steel chef knife Series

Patterns of 37 Layers Tell You a Japanese Traditional Beauty High grade DP Damascus steel is used, which is made using skills based on manufacturing method of Japanese swords. High and low carbon stainless is laid alternatively and that sandwich a core material “Cobalt alloy steel”. That make the forged core material become harder and sharper. A pattern on the blade is a proof of Sharpness.

Tojiro-Pro All Stainless Western Style chef Knives Series

DP cobalt alloy steel is an epoch-making clad steel manufactured by low temperature gas reduction method, which takes away impurities in a ore and lead to high purity iron.The cobalt alloy steel is sandwiched by 13 chrome. This series is absolutely “Global Standard” of all stainless knives combining 3 layers blade, which has good reputation among professionals with stainless handle.

Tojiro-Pro 63 Layers Nickel Damascus Steel Knives Series

Tojiro-Pro Nickel Damascus series is a pioneer who released a knives with beautiful ripple patterns on blades that were seen on a royal sword and epoch-making all stainless handle. This has a full of elegance and the beauty enslaves top chefs in Europe and all over the world. Tojiro Supreme series that realized top chef’s many of requirements were also developed base on this Nickel Damascus series and the unbroken spirits are taken over.